Perfect Place Kennels
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Located on an acreage just north across the valley from Devon, Alberta, The Perfect Place Boarding Kennels is a picturesque and natural environment that all of our guests love!

As you travel down the driveway to enter the main portion of the property you will be greeted by our two horses, Willow and Bandit.
You'll notice the Kennel is set both back to the left away from the road and apart from the main House with Snoopy standing guard.
As you approach the Kennel you'll find the office and main Kennel to your left and the small dog kennel on your right. All living space is indoors and protected from the weather with plenty of ventilation for clean fresh air.
The yard you find out back is approximately 3000 square feet of running space where we exercise the dogs and provide our 'Doggie Camp' for our guests.
Make your way back out front and you'll find access to our nature trails that we utilize when walking the dogs and doing tours.
Several areas on the property are being considered for future development to benefit the kennel guests.
Make your way around the property and enjoy the view. Before you head back stop by the pond that's just a stone's throw from the Kennel.
Before you go, don't forget to snap a picture at our 1800's Western Style backdrop just for kicks!